Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Hope Ya Like Jam(min') Too

So the holidays have come and gone, leaving their usual detritus: gyms full to bursting with earnest souls who will use their memberships until March; the regret of ten thousand greasy, sugary calories unwisely consumed; a strange fear and loathing of turkeys and oily roasted vegetables; a sudden rush on books about cleansing. We have all done things we regret over the holidays, but we miss them too: the freedom to eat whatever, whenever we please; perhaps time off work; the celebration of lights and music and of course, food.

I am no different: I miss the lazy freedom of December, and though like many of us I've had my fill of baked goods and roast beast, I cling to a few flavours that remind me of simpler times.

Surprisingly this year, the food I'm still using with pleasure is... Jam.

Specifically, Copper Pot Preserves Raspberry & Chipotle jam.

I found it in my local butchers, Harkness & Co. (they're amazing!), because they'd cunningly put out a dish of it alongside some salami-like sausage. A scoop of jam on a salami slice and...bam! Heaven. Lemon juice and tart raspberry flavour more than stands up to the bold smokiness of the chipotle peppers. I was hooked. I served it on Christmas Eve (with more cold cuts, and also with cheese, of course). I ate it alone, nestled between leftover slices of deli meat and with strong cheddar. And now, with the resolutions of the new year staring me down coldly every morning, I stir a very restrained small spoonful of it into my zero-fat yoghurt-and-granola every morning, and it is just as wonderful there.

Cooper Pot Preserves website informs the reader that the company is based out of Squamish. If, however, you live in East Van, you are blessed, because you can buy their preserves at Harkness & Co., or visit them at the Nat Bailey Farmers Market at least once a month. It looks as though they change up their products quite often, so the raspberry-chipotle jam may not always be available.