Tuesday, 24 May 2016

They're Baaaaack...

Bandidas Taqueria has become so popular lately that this little fox has stayed away, not wanting to squeeze in to the almost non-existent waiting area or lurk outside on the street to try and get a table. Recently they closed their doors to expand and renovate, and vegetarian hipsters around the drive went hungry.

Fear not, hipsters! After being shut for a while, this 7-year denizen of the Drive is back, with double the space (they took over the Himalayan restaurant next door), and soon-to-be open 24 hours (my server told me that they're planning to make that schedule switch around the end of June). They had a casual re-opening today, missing the long weekend by a hair (perhaps that was intentional, in case they had to work out any kinks in their newly-expanded space). My breakfast-loving partner and I were practically alone in the restaurant, and got served our Mexican Breakfasts (pinto beans, eggs, apple slaw, guac & cabbage) in record time.
As always, the food was delicious, and left me feeling way better than if I'd had a cheaper, greasier, breadier breakfast elsewhere. I love going to Bandidas in the evening for their cocktails, but as it inevitably starts to fill up with customers again, I'll probably wait until their 24-hour service starts, so that I can enjoy a cheesy burrito and hibiscus margarita in the wee hours.

I predict that Bandidas will do very well as a 24-hour restaurant (after all, the Naam's been doing it for an eternity over in Kits). Especially on the nights that the Rio Theatre has their late-night movie features. Arriba!