About Me

My mother always claims that I came out of the womb talking. My first two questions: "Is there anything to read?" And of course: "What's for dinner?" 

My family loves to eat. These days, if I meet up with one of my parents, we'll head out to eat. My mom and I will do brunch somewhere in East Vancouver. My dad and his girlfriend will cook something incredible on the barbeque and crack open another bottle of wine from somewhere just down the road from where they live in Kelowna. I actually live with my brother and his wife these days, but as we're all incredibly busy we rarely hang out. But if it's been too long, one of us will say "Family dinner soon?" and the next thing you know we're sitting down together for a meal. 

    I'm a musician by trade. Live music, session work and theatre. One of my bands is basically a dinner club. You can read about my career (or hire me!) by visiting my website. I also have another blog, in which I write about  all kinds of things, including (but not limited to): love, exercise, crafts, east van, cats, life, theatre, and music. 
Oh- why Hungry Fox? Well, Little Fox is my boyfriend's nickname for me, and they're always hungry. As am I.